2019 Predictions: Malvertising, Data Leakage and GDPR

In late December, Scott Moore, Founder of CEO, Ad Lightning was invited to publish a “Predictions Piece” in MarTech Advisor about how he sees the state of ad quality in 2019.

One prediction he made was that bad actors will become more – well – unpredictable. We will see malware threats around every corner, and those annoying redirects will continue to abound.

Scott is optimistic that the industry will fight even harder in 2019 to overcome these challenges —of course, that is Ad Lightning’s central mission — and predicts that cloud platforms and browsers will be called to task about their role in allowing redirects and malvertising campaigns

He also shares thoughts on data leakage, GDPR regulations and where the user fits into everything (spoiler: they will still get lost in the shuffle).

Read Scott’s full MarTech Advisor piece here and learn more about his thought-provoking predictions about ad quality for the new year!