Ad Lightning Partners with E-Planning, the Largest LATAM SSP

Ad Lightning is excited to be partnering with E-Planning to provide ad quality solutions for LATAM's largest SSP.  To kick-off the partnership, we sat down with Sebastian Lucero, the CMO of E-Planning, to learn more about their unique business and why they chose to work with ADL.

Hi Sebastian, as we started working with E-Planning it's been obvious that you have a robust platform.  Can you share a little about your philosophy as a tech company?  What are the key components of your technology? 

Our philosophy as a tech company is quite simple: delivering innovation. E-planning has its built our technology from the ground up to generate high revenue for publishers. We have the flexibility to adapt all our tools to meet clients’ needs.


Who are your primary customers? What do they like best about working with

We work with a variety of different types of customers. E-Planning is the largest LATAM and US Hispanics SSP, with presence in throughout the global digital ecosystem. We work directly with publishers, agencies, tech companies, DSPs, etc. If you talk with one of our publishers, I am sure they will say we have the best reach and the most solid eCPMs. Demand partners, on the other hand, will talk about the inventory, which has over 50 billion monthly impressions throughout the region.


What do you feel differentiates your platform from others in the market?  

Efficiency. As I mentioned earlier, we have developed our own proprietary technology, so we don’t depend on anyone. We can have integrations with the demand and the supply sources through multiple ways (Prebid JS, Prebid Server, Adserver, Open RTB and our own Header Bidder Wrapper). We also value our partners and are confident we have the best support team in the industry. We are close to our clients.  It seems like we operate similar to Ad Lightning in that way -  innovative technology, supported by best-in-class service.


As a business, what have your biggest challenges been?

Our main goal is to be among the 10 largest SSPs in the world. Today Pixalate positions us as number 16, but we don't settle for that!


How does E-Planning thing about ad quality & traffic quality?

Transparency is very important to us. We do not take it lightly. That's why we take all the necessary precautions to certify that we have quality inventory in all possible aspects. We are integrated with the key players in the market, including Ad Lightning, MOAT, TAG and Nielsen, and more.


What has E-Planning liked about the Ad Lightning solution? How are you measuring success?

Our technologies coexist in such a way that they allow not only to scan and report malware, but also to block it automatically. This integration of technologies is a strong differentor in the industry and confirms us as one of the safest suppliers in the world.  We have an exhaustive selection process when choosing who will evaluate the quality of our inventory and always choose the best.