Ad Lightning’s Look at the Digital Advertising Industry in 2021

It’s always important to strategize for the road ahead. However, it becomes an absolute necessity in challenging and uncertain times. Obviously, those adjectives describe 2020 to a tee for the digital advertising industry, making well-informed insights on the road ahead the most valuable of assets.


That’s exactly what Ad Lightning is providing to the ecosystem with our Look at the Digital Advertising Industry in 2021 – a prescient, thoughtful, practical group of insights that publishers and platforms can use to successfully navigate an uncertain future.

As you’ll see, we take an in-depth look at the major forces facing the digital ad ecosystem in 2021 and beyond, including:

  • Regulatory Forces
  • The Continually Evolving Industry
  • Fraudsters Step Up Their Game
  • Publishers Taking Back Control
  • The Dominance of Video

Want to know what opportunities and threats the future entails for you, your brand, and the industry itself? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Download: Ad Lightning’s 2021 Guide

A Roadmap to Success

But Ad Lightning’s Look at the Digital Advertising Industry in 2021 isn’t just a cursory view of what to expect from the next 12 months. Instead, our prognostications are just the starting points we use for insights and practical advice on what the different dynamics in the ecosystem entail for you and, in several instances, how to successfully address them.

For example, how well are you prepared to both embrace and secure your operations for video advertising? As we discuss in the piece, programmatic is quickly moving upstream and engulfing video along the way. And given the issues programmatic has brought to the industry, it’s critical that you adopt the right tools to bridge video ad revenue and brand safety.

As you’ll see, that’s exactly what we discuss, amongst several other key points, in our Look at the Digital Advertising Industry in 2021. So set yourself, your customers, and stakeholders up for success this year, build from the lessons learned in 2020, and use our newest insights as a roadmap to enduring success. Ad Lightning will be here every step of the way.

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