Boltive and ColorTV Announce Collaboration to Protect Publishers From Malicious, Unwanted, and Non-Compliant Ads


Boltive, the leading provider of ad quality and compliance solutions for publishers, advertisers, and brands, announced today their collaboration with ColorTV to enhance ad quality checks across their inventory. Boltive's patented malware detection provides industry-leading protection against malware, non-compliant and unwanted ads.

ColorTV is the premium advertising marketplace for brands, platforms, and publishers, bringing unique inventory, and creative and service solutions for both publishers and buyers. ColorTV is committed to taking fraud and malware seriously to ensure both publishers and users are protected.

"We are always looking out for the best interests of our publisher partners and take our responsibility for ensuring ad quality seriously. Our partnership with Boltive brings a new level of security for advertisers and publishers. We're thrilled to be working with them and know that this partnership will strengthen confidence in both our solutions," said Andy Dhanik, CRO.

As threats continue to emerge and evolve in the ecosystem, it's critical that platforms have protection against existing and novel threats. The Boltive integration ensures that all ColorTV creatives are monitored for safety and prevents malicious ads from reaching a publisher's site. Detailed reporting also provides insight into problematic partners so that ColorTV can monitor and optimize marketplace integrations.

"We are honored to team up with a platform that takes ad quality as seriously as ColorTV," said Dan Frechtling, CEO, Boltive. "We're proud of this partnership and look forward to improving user experience for publishers and consumers across devices."

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About ColorTV

Founded in 2009, ColorTV is a leading cross-­device programmatic advertising company recognized for delivering outstanding, integrated Display and Video advertising experiences. ColorTV provides innovative advertising and managed service solutions to achieve various KPIs ranging from the greatest reach to the longest time spent with media. Our industry-wide role and collaboration with publishers to deliver innovations that make advertising and publishing better is core to our mission. The company was founded by several of the industry's leading digital advertising pioneers.