Our Latest Customer Survey Results are In - They Love Our Mobile Redirects Blocking

At Ad Lightning, we are laser-focused on delivering great results to our customers and ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction. Gaining regular feedback from our clients is crucial —after all, the ad quality battle against mobile redirects and malware is a fast-moving, ever-shifting landscape. Luckily, our customers are a vocal crowd and our most recent customer survey didn’t disappoint. In fact, we’re blushing

We couldn’t help but share some of our favorite comments:

Mobile Redirects Squashed

“Mobile redirects have been our biggest challenge — they were a serious disruption to our site. Our previous Ad Quality partner was not effective in pro-actively identifying and blocking them. ADL has excelled in bringing this under control.”

“By working with Ad Lightning, the quality of our user experience has undoubtedly improved. We cannot afford to frustrate visitors, and nothing does that like mobile redirects.”

“We’ve not had a single complaint about mobile redirects since we’ve partnered with Ad Lightning.”

“In the past 12 months, redirects have been reduced, virtually eliminated.”

User Interface Props

“The user interface is an order of magnitude beyond the other competitors in the field.”

“Ad Lightning has an easy to use dashboard and UI. The information provided about each ad served is detailed yet easy to comprehend and typically comes with a screenshot.”

Customer Service Recognition

“The Ad Lightning team provides exceptional customer service. They’re willing to work with us based on what we need. It is truly a partnership that we value.”

“The team listens to our customer feedback and constantly makes improvements to the product. Which indicates to us that they love what they’re doing and committed to their partners.”

“What really stands out about Ad Lightning is how knowledgeable and passionate the people on the team are.”

See our previous blog, as well, written by Partner Success Manager Meghan Mark about ADL’s dedication to customer service.

Technical Prowess

“The solution doesn’t cause undue load time that can hurt website revenues and implementation was very easy and fast.”

“We’ve found that their technical team is nimble in responding to our needs and those of our mutual customers, including several top-tier publishers.”

“Ad Lightning has streamlined our AQ workflow. With automatic email alerts, we are spending less time chasing bad actors. We are now focused on ensuring our site remains as clean as possible.”

This is amazing feedback!

We’re all aware that poor ad quality, malvertising and mobile redirects pose an existential threat to the digital ecosystem — the industry is in crisis and we’re mindful that our clients have placed a great deal of trust in us. Ad Lightning is determined to help preserve the user experience, eliminate increasingly aggressive bad actors, and ensure that our impact on customers is tangible.

We couldn’t be more proud of our clients’ feedback and are honored to work alongside them. Keep the comments coming; you don’t need a formal survey to reach us. Connect with your account manager today —or reach out to see how we might work together.