The 2020 Guide To Blocking Bad Ads & Ensuring Ad Quality

To state the obvious, programmatic is here to stay. It's not a passing-fancy or trend, but a fundamental part of the digital advertising industry. It's a fixture. But as publishers and platforms know all to well at this point, there's plenty of bad that comes with all the good programmatic delivers – specifically, bad ads.


That's why we created The 2020 Guide To Blocking Bad Ads & Ensuring Ad Quality – to give publishers and ad networks a hands-on, insider's blueprint for stopping advertising fraud in its tracks. In it, we examine the many sides and faces of the ad fraud crisis, giving you a better understanding of how the industry got to this point, where it stands today, and what to expect down the road. Our comprehensive guide covers a spectrum of topics, including:

  • The three main types of bad ads with examples & statistics
  • Evolution of the crisis – how did we get here?
  • Scope of the problem, and where we see it going in 2020
  • Solutions for bad ads
  • What the ad community & ecosystem must do to fight ad fraud

Download: The 2020 Guide to Blocking Bad Ads & Ensuring Ad Quality

As you'll see, rather than the typical high-level descriptions and generic advice you'll find elsewhere, we take a more roll-up-your-sleeves approach. Our goal is to give you unbiased information and useful best practices so you can make fully-informed decisions, protecting & preserving your business, customers, brand safety, and stakeholders.

In other words, if you're a bit overwhelmed by the scope and severity of ad quality issues – malware, redirects, compliance, regulations like GDPR & CCPA, and more – then The 2020 Guide To Blocking Bad Ads & Ensuring Ad Quality is for you.

Given our place on the frontlines in the battle against bad actors and digital ad fraud, we're proud to share our insights with you, doing our part to propel the entire ecosystem toward a safe, stable, and prosperous future. Bad ads and fraudsters can be a thing of the past if the industry works together, so let’s put on our digital hard hats and get to work.

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