The 2020 State of Ad Quality Report

In an industry where change is the only constant, the digital ad ecosystem must look in the mirror every so often and gauge where it stands. Nowhere is this more critical than in the perpetual fight for ad quality, a notion we took to heart when developing our 2020 State of Ad Quality Report.

An in-depth, nuanced look at the ecosystem’s battle against bad ads – malware, threats to data privacy, auto-redirects, and regulatory forces – our report sheds a powerful light on where the digital ad community stands, and, just as importantly, where it’s heading in the future.

Download: The 2020 State of Ad Quality Report

Driven by opinions from a wide variety of industry players, we examine key areas that significantly affect publishers, platforms, ad buyers, and virtually any participant in today’s dynamic digital ad industry.

  • How ecosystem players feel about the state of ad quality, both today and tomorrow
  • The quickly rising focus on compliance issues and regulatory forces
  • The financial impact of ad quality issues
  • Upcoming trends in ad quality to look out for in 2020
  • The role each industry participant plays in ad quality

Further, we drill down into those key areas to reveal how the ecosystem perceives ad quality, where it needs to improve, and how it feels about the road ahead, discussing report findings like:

  • Nearly half of the industry still views bad ads as an increasing threat
  • Auto-redirects take second place to a new top priority to address in 2020
  • The average weekly time an employee spends on ad quality
  • Nearly 70% of publishers have had to turn off an SSP/DSP because of bad ads
  • And several more eye-opening facts and figures

In essence, we’re telling a story with our 2020 State of Ad Quality Report, one that describes the current state of the industry, what it’s fighting against, and what the future might entail. Backed by relevant data and opinions from the industry itself, our report reveals the overwhelming need for comprehensive, holistic solutions against bad ads in an increasingly hostile, regulated environment. Ultimately, the 2020 State of Ad Quality Report will help you gauge your own course going forward, informing your organization’s strategy and tactics against bad ads.

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