The Lifecycle of Malware

Malware isn’t a one-and-done annoyance. It’s an evolving and adapting menace, changing its tactics to constantly find and exploit new weaknesses in the ecosystem. And if a publisher or platform doesn’t address malware with the attention and resources it warrants, then the road ahead is going to be very bumpy.


That’s exactly what we examine with our newest infographic, The Lifecycle of Malware. We walk you through its three stages – deployment, activation, and evolution – and discuss what’s going on behind the fraudster’s curtain at every step.

Download: The Lifecycle of Malware

As you’ll see, the entire process is based on patience and vision. Black hats will play a destructive game of digital cat-and-mouse, waiting for the best moment to pounce and, like it or not, keeping ill-prepared companies on their heels the entire time.

But that’s why the insights in our infographic are so important – they shed a much-needed light on what the digital ad industry is up against in the battle for ad quality. Even more importantly, The Lifecycle of Malware can help publishers, exchanges, agencies, and everyone else in the ecosystem better prepare to defend themselves with the right tools and, along the way, protect their customers, stakeholders, and revenue.

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We’re fighting the bad actors and their malicious ways every day here at Ad Lightning. And we like nothing better than to share our experience and expertise with the rest of the digital ad community. So download our infographic, understand the enemy, and let’s make this a safer, more secure ecosystem for everyone.