The Publisher Ad Security Checklist For Ad Quality Solutions

Decisions, decisions. Publishers know they have to protect their brands, customers, stakeholders, and bottom lines from fraudsters. However, finding the right set of tools to accomplish that task can feel overwhelming. Or at least it might have until now.

With The Publisher Ad Security Checklist For Ad Quality Solutions, Ad Lightning gives publishers concise but comprehensive insights on what to look for in an effective ad quality tool. Expanding on our thoughts on specific solution features, our new checklist covers the entire spectrum of critical features and functions to look for, including topics like:

  • Integration
  • Scope of the solution & features
  • Effectiveness & results
  • Overall experience

Remember, it’s not just a matter of finding a reliable, scalable solution. The right tool will be both effective and efficient, seamlessly blending into operations. Therefore, as our checklist demonstrates, service and responsiveness are every bit essential as the ad quality tool itself. In other words, publishers need a partner in their fight against bad actors, not just a vendor.

So download The Publisher Ad Security Checklist For Ad Quality Solutions and use it as a critical first step in maintaining brand safety, a satisfying user experience, and healthy revenue streams. As always, Ad Lightning is proud to give publishers – as well as the rest of the digital ad ecosystem – the insights and solutions they need to run the fraudsters out of town.